Makeline Monitor Overview

The PrISM system's Makeline Monitor is an easy-to-read video display that lists all of the order items that the kitchen needs to make.  The Makeline Monitor is an optional system component that is, in many cases, replaced by a Kitchen Printer.  The main benefit of the Makeline Monitor as opposed to the more common Kitchen Printer is that the large screen text can be seen by more people at greater distances.





This is the order number.



This is the quantity of this particular item that is to be made.



This is the item description.



This is the amount of time that has elapsed since the order was placed.



This is the order type.



Pressing this button will bring up a screen to filter on the various order types, displaying only the items for the order type selected.  The Normal view shows items from all order types.



This opens the Dashboard, allowing managers to view sales information for the day.



This puts the makeline into Select mode, allowing the user to select multiple items at once.  Each item that is touched will show a small green square to the left of the order number.  Touching a selected item again will de-select it.  Pressing the Clear button will clear all selected items off the makeline screen.



Pressing this will alternate between the two font sizes available for the makeline screen.



This allows you to view previously made items.



This removes the highlighted item from the item list. Pressing Enter on the keyboard will remove the highlighted item as well.


Prev / Next

This simply navigates the highlight selection up and down through the list.



This option will take you to the bottom of the item list.



This scrolls through the item list in the same manner as Up / Down, except this option jumps by pages rather than individual lines.



This option will exit the Makeline Monitor.