Manager Module Overview

The Manager Module is where all system, menu, and employee setup occurs, as well as all paperwork functions.  In this section, we will go through the five major categories of this module: Paperwork, Updates, Ordering, System, and Help.  Each of these sections is divided into subsections that are described in greater detail.


All major functions of PrISM are accessed through drop-down lists featured across the top of the main window.  Alternatively,  large graphical buttons are provided for quick access to commonly used functions, such as the Daily Paperwork Report, Daily Inventory Report, and Re-Indexing Files.


PrISM Dashboard

One of the more versatile features of the PrISM system is the PrISM Dashboard.  The Dashboard displays real-time statistics on your store's performance. From the daily sales summary to a variety of performance indicators, the Dashboard provides a snapshot of key measurements right at that moment.  It also provides management with the ability to view and print specific order details.


The Dashboard is accessible from a variety of locations within the PrISM system, including the touchscreen Ordering module.