Ordering Module Overview


Driven by a touchscreen-based interface, the Ordering Module allows servers, cashiers, and phone crew to quickly enter, update, view, and settle orders.  All prices are automatically calculated and all menu choices are prompted, ensuring an accurate and timely order.


In the bottom-left corner of the screen there are four order-type buttons configured by default: Dine-in, Delivery, Carry-Out, and Bar.  Depending on the initial configuration of your system, one or more of these order types may be blank. In addition, some systems may have the Bar ordertype replaced with Quick, as seen in the below image.  The Quick ordertype is designed to facilitate order taking of simple items in a counter service environment, where only a Crew ID # is required.  Quick orders are processed by default as Carry-Out orders.


Along the bottom of the screen, a status bar displays information specific to that station.  The main portion of the screen is taken up by function buttons.  Each function button accesses a different component of the Ordering Module.





Select a option below for a detailed description of the function it provides.


New Order


View Orders


Change Order


Advanced Options


Add Tips


No Sale


Change Till


Log-In / Out




Time Clock


Driver Routing


Cash Drop