Welcome to PrISM for Windows

Congratulations on selecting PrISM for Windows! You have chosen a powerful, easy-to-use POS (Point-Of-Sale) system that allows you to keep track of your store's business electronically on a Windows-based personal computer network.  The entire business functionality is covered:

Every PrISM system has a unique set of hardware components specifically designed with your business in mind.  Each component is assigned a specific function.  These components and PCs are linked together via an Ethernet computer network.  In this manner, information entered on one station is instantly available to all stations on the system.  The following are examples of key components within the PrISM system.


Manager Module

The Manager Module is where all system, menu, and employee setup occur, as well as all paperwork functions.  It provides a wide array of accounting functionality as well.


Ordering Module

Driven by a touch screen interface, the Ordering Module allows servers, cashiers, and phone crew to quickly enter, update, view, and settle orders. All prices are automatically calculated, and all menu choices are prompted, ensuring an accurate and timely order.


Makeline Monitor

The system's Makeline Monitor is an easy-to-read video display that lists all of the order items that the kitchen needs to make.  The Makeline Monitor is an optional system component that is, in many cases, replaced by a Kitchen Printer.  The main benefit of the Makeline Monitor is that more people at greater distances can see the large screen text.



The Marketing Module uses your system’s order history data to allow you to target specific customers for mailings.  In addition, all customer, street, and city data can be accessed and modified from this module.


Employee Scheduling

The Employee Scheduling Module provides comprehensive creation and modification of employee schedules, as well as access to all employee information defined within the system.  This module also provides access to key store volume, shift, and scheduling reports.



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